Active pharmaceutical ingredients

We are a distributor in Vietnam for the world’s leading manufacturers of active ingredients, excipients and advanced excipients, packaging and protective desiccants.


We are capable of providing all active ingredients for drug production in all treatment groups: cardiovascular, diabetes, antibiotic, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory – analgesic, antipyretic, corticosteroid, anti-allergenic. Allergy, anticoagulant, psychotropic, antithrombotic, digestive, digestive disorders, blood lipid metabolism, vitamins.


Full range of excipients for all dosage forms of tablets, effervescent tablets, slow-release or fast-dissolving lozenges (ODTs), hard capsules, soft capsules, powders, packings, syrups, powder injections, drugs injecting water, drugs released at the destination according to nano technology, drugs for topical use, suppositories, egg pills, eye drops, and nose drops.

Typical categories: film-coated excipients, pre-mixed film-coated excipients (normal, moisture-resistant, lustrous and nacre-effect, film coated with integrated sweetness and odor), filler-diluent excipients, adhesive excipients, super dissolution excipients, dissolution and bioavailability improvement excipients, sweetening excipients, bitter mask excipients, effervescent tablets excipients, liquid medicinal excipients, solvents For oral medications in the form of aqueous or water injections, eye drops, emulsifying excipients, thickening, stabilizing, creating structure, increasing permeability for drugs for external use.

Packaging materials, desiccants

Provide sparkling tube packaging and integrated cap with desiccant, advanced desiccant system (silicagel, bentonite, molecular sieve, polymer), deodorizing system, deoxidizer system, odor release system, glass bottle and cap , pill rubber stoppers, liquid or injections, plastic pill bottles, eye drops, creams or solutions.