We are proud to be able to supply our clients with all the ingredients needed (one-stop-shopping) to produce skin care, face, lips, hair, nail, body, and oral care products. Natural origin and even organic ingredients (organic) according to customer requirements.

Platform system

Applicable to all soft creams, hard creams, shampoos, lotions, lotions and lotions, lipsticks, nail polishes, hair conditioners and hair styling including oils, emulsifiers, thickeners , emulsifiers, texturing and sensory enhancers, subcutaneous permeability and retention agents, solvents, foaming agents, colorants, fragrances (perfumes, essential oils), cream thickeners brush teeth, create a cool feeling for the product.


Provides a variety of natural extracts that fight and prevent skin aging, whiten skin, treat freckles, treat dark spots, treat eye bags, prevent wrinkles and tighten skin, nourish skin, moisturize, breast enlargement , deodorants, preservatives.

Cosmetic packaging

Provide all kinds of special glass or plastic, imported from France and Germany. India.